Every person is unique, they have their personal view of events and different people have different views about different circumstances. This uniqueness makes it possible to create something better and stronger. The vision of Polaris Naster is that. We are the ones that see our future our way.


Like the polar star guides the sailors, so Polaris Naster Academy is the star that guides our company and our worker’s everyday choices, so that we can improve and grow.


We believe in people and in helping them grow as people and professionists. For that we created Polaris Naster Academy, a place to develop and share knowledge, experience, techniques and new ideas. We wanted a different academy, a space where the know-how acquired day after day takes form, and becomes shared knowledge and development. How to accomplish that? Via a formative project distinguished by his great orientation to practice, thanks to the professional trainers.


We change market evolutions in competition factor.


Together to improve comunication between our partners, our clients and our supplier.


Selling is about attitude, technique, listening and comunicating.


We decided to concentrate on 4 areas, that we prefer to call pillars, vital to grow one’s skills and to work at your best.


The future is a challenge made by dreams, objectives and, also, uncertanty; for that we will give birth to the future of Naster. Being a step ahead it’s vital to evolve, it’s important, for that reason, that every component of the team is cooperative and can imagine his own future.


The faster evolution of the market and of technlogy must be accepted, understood and used at your own advantage. In our academy we learn how to translate those conditions into a competition factor.


Making the difference in a ever competing market is quite difficult, in order to make it in the best way it is vital to know how to comunicate and which tool to use to do that. Comunication isn’t only to the exterior, it is also to your team, for that it’s important unlocking skills orientated to comunicating with clients suppliers and your collaborators.


Sales are a matter of attitude, technique, listening and comunicating. It is crucial to study, to know which questions are the right ones and how to best be a seller to understand the clients needs, and guide them to make the right choice.


Here goes the first Polaris Naster Academy meeting

A great success made possible by active partecipation of both employees and partners.



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